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I´m Sabrina Abrahams, the owner of wunderladen.

I was twenty five years old when I first opened the concept store in Vienna in April 2014. I got inspired during my stay abroad in London in 2007 as well as my time working as a flight attendant.


Wunderladen, also known as 'Wula' is a platform for art and creativity from young Austrian designers and a place for guests to feel at home.


You will definitly find gorgeous gifts or simply treat yourself. Browse through handmade jewelry, bags and loving postcards from young Austrian designers as well as stylish and unique sunglasses from upcoming young designers.


If you're tired of shopping, just let yourself fall into one of our comfortable wing chairs and order a delicious coffee, have a homemade cake or try our famous "Rosenspritzer" a light alcoholic drink with rose leaves.

2021 was a changing year for wunderladen. I´ve launched my own  Frozen Yogurt Brand, called "Karl´s BIO Frozen Yogurt" - viennese style. Handmade organic Frozen Yogurt - The first Frozen Yogurt with typical viennese sweets toppings like Punschkrapferl, Sachertorte, Vanillekipferl, Mannerschnitten... we serve it in summer time.

For winter season, i started with traditional afternoon tea.

Right now im taking care of my baby at home, thats the reason wunderladen Shop is closed for some time. But still you can book wunderladen for your own private Party or private Afternoon Tea. just msg me:


Looking forward to seeing you.

Much love, Sabrina

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